Independent Clothing Initiative is about more than just the clothes.


Do you like bold colors? Wear them! Do you like oversized t-shirts? Make them! Long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, blue hair… be yourself! Believe in you! You are made of the good stuff. Create because it fuels you. Create to add something to the world. Be and live happy. Break the mold.


Meet the Designer


You have a voice.

I have been living and teaching this for years.

My name is Jill Haggerty. I am a mother of four, wife to a Navy Medical Resident living in San Diego, and passionate sewist.  I graduated from University with a B.A. in Psychology. Always a lover of and deeply interested in a person’s layers, I pursued my career schooling youth with various challenges to find their footing in the world. At a treatment facility I taught them to accept, love and advocate for themselves. I reminded my girls that it is okay to be exactly yourself. Imperfections are always welcome. Growth is encouraged. Greatness lies within. And beauty is everywhere.

It was several years later with the birth of my first child that I discovered garment sewing. I grew to love it for the same reasons I felt so passionate about my degree. While clothing alone carries little meaning, it say something about you. What is your wardrobe saying? Hopefully it say you accept, love and care for yourself. It says you matter. That your imperfections lead to your progress. And you are made of the very best of the best out there.

With 23 moves under my belt, I have seen no shortage of peoples, cultures and fashion. Driven by my love for blooming where you are planted, and choosing the happy life, I am happy to have this space to share my message.

I have tested patterns for Megan Nielsen Patterns, Alina Sewing and Design Company, Chalk and Notch, True Bias, Sweet Red Poppy, Cali Faye Collection and helped to introduce Cotton and Flax's new fabric line.  I have sewn and helped Jamie Wooning (a local fashion designer) prepare her pieces for Fashion Week San Diego 2017.  I have also outfitted (drafted and sewn) Mini Theater Troupe here in San Diego with costumes for local play productions.  I teach sewing camps in the summer.  I sew adult and children's pieces... and everything in-between.  Details are my jam!  I am a meticulous sewist who loves the insides to be as pretty as the outsides.  I enjoy taking beautiful photos of all of my makes.  Simply put, I love sewing.