Remember who you are…


I grew up in a bustling family of seven. Throughout these formative years my mom and dad would call out, “Remember who you are!” as we rushed out the door to head off to school. At the time, my four year old little sister would translate this to “Don’t forget your name!” and add her encouragement along with our parents.

It matters that we stand for something. And it matters what that something is. At Independent Clothing Initiative we do not forget who we are or the name that means so much to us. We stand for you. We stand to remind you that you can be beautifully you (or you are beautifully made). You can find joy in yours and other quirks and shortcomings. You can learn and grow and evolve and change and it is okay. You can be powerful and graceful and all the characteristics that you admire most. Your name stands for something. You decide.


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