Dream Bibs


From the moment the Burnside Bibs, by Sew House 7, debuted I knew I wanted to wear them.  Then my friend, Katie Kortman, in an early handmade hustle before #handmadehustle was a thing, danced her heart out wearing her bids and sealed the deal for me.  That and the hundreds of amazing versions I’ve spied on Instagram since.  What a truly sensational pattern.  




These bibs have been cut out, ready to sew since last fall!  Last fall!  I remember sitting at one of my kid’s soccer practices, fabric and pattern in hand, looking for a place to set up and cut the thing out.  I laid out a large beach blanket I found in my car, took out my pins and scissors, and was that crazy lady who brings crazy projects to soccer practices.  With three kids in soccer in Southern California (they are serious about their soccer here, ha!) I was spending 8-12 hours, just sitting and watching my kids’ practices. I can’t even sit in front of the TV unless I’m folding!  At any one time I am trying to accomplish multiple things, so when it occurred to me that I could bring my sewing projects to cut out (my least favorite part) during my kids practices I got right after it.  And in full disclosure, I am sitting at my daughter’s soccer practice writing this now!


I don’t know if you have had a chance to look at the Robert Kaufman, Essex Linen (44% linen, 45% cotton blend) collection by Cotton and Flax.  It is pure gold.  As your friend, I’m asking you go take a look.  You can look up Cotton and Flax fabric or one of her two lines (Balboa Fabric or Arroyo Fabric) and feel so inspired.  The fabric is thick, the designs are basic yet modern, and breathe creativity into any project I use them for (and I have made several out of her fabrics). 


And incase your wondering about my perfect earrings, they were gifted to me by my extremely talented friend, wielding her crochet hook, over at Living the Craft Life.


I am so happy with the way these bibs turned out.  On almost all project I sew I make some sort of modification be it a fitting issue or perhaps a design preference.  I made zero modifications on the Burnside Bibs!  Zero!  This is such a rare occurrence for me!  That means, as I sometimes forget to write down my hacks or adjustments, I will perfectly be able to make these again!



Thanks to Sew House 7 and Cotton + Flax for allowing the perfect marriage of pattern and fabric. I’m creating my dream wardrobe one piece at a time!